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What about Insurance?

Extra cover can/should be obtained if you are keeping your belongings in storage for a while. But it is possible that your possessions will already be covered by your home insurance contents cover.

Storage Insurance


When you purchase storage area, the storage firm might provide you their particular insurance plan. It is possible they will provide you with a fantastic deal, but it always pays to look around.


Your insurance company may have some principles about how you keep your possessions, for example, they could ask that you maintain your storage unit fastened with a padlock, or keep your possessions in watertight containers. It is very important to keep to those points in mind, if you do not, your insurance may be invalidated.


When the transfer to storage takes more time than anticipated, you may have to set some things in temporary storage and sometimes, your house insurance will still cover them. But there is normally a time limit, frequently, approximately seven days. Following that, they are no longer guaranteed.


When you have things in longterm storage, then odds are they will not be covered by your house insurance. Home insurance may also generally only cover things outside the house up to a specific amount, which may be insufficient if you are keeping expensive items in a storage device.


If you are relying on house insurance to protect your possessions when they are in storage, be certain that you read your policy document carefully this way, you will be aware of how much to insure your possessions  if they are not in your property. If the cover provided is not sufficient, you could always take a dedicated storage insurance plan.


If your car is not used, you can avoid having to cover insurance by providing a Statutory Off-Road Notification or SORN. However, if a car is in storage, then it is a fantastic idea to keep it insured, even if it is not on the street. This way, it is going to be covered against fire, vandalism, theft and damage.

Storage insurance, also called liability insurance is a policy which insures your possessions if you do not keep them in your home or in a company property.


Ordinarily, this means whatever you are storing in a storage device, for example, additional furniture, clothes or collectibles,
it is possible your possessions are already covered by your house insurance contents. But generally, if you are keeping your possessions in storage for a little while, they will need extra security.


Most storage companies only allow you to keep your possessions in storage if you’ve got insurance setup already.


Storage businesses are going to have their own insurance but this just covers their accountability, not your possessions. This usually means that the storage organization is shielded if they are negligent with your merchandise and they get ruined. But, there are different dangers you must know about, such as fire, earthquake, subsidence, storm, flooding, adware vandalism or damage.


A fantastic storage insurance coverage should protect you from every one of these dangers. If you are storing clothing or soft furnishings, you may also wish to get insured against damage by moths and vermin.


Can storage insurance insure a car or motorcycle in storage?

Typically, storage insurance is not sufficient to pay for a car or motorbike which you are storing in storage. Vehicles are costly, and many storage insurance policies will only pay you up to a specific amount, which may not be adequate.